Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ups and Downs

First the good news (may I always do so)! We seem to have the temperature under control with two days of normal temps.

The bad news is that when we took our dialysis labs on Monday we got a semi-emergency call regarding Sabine's plummeting potassium and magnesium levels. We had to make a late afternoon pharmacy run for a supplement that was available only in huge pills. Getting the pills to stay down was an ordeal.

The next day we went in for more lab tests and, again, received a late afternoon call and had to make another pharmacy run to Madison. This time, thankfully, I was able to get the supplement in powder form.

All these ups and downs take its toll on stem cell transplant patients who ordinarily feel crappy.

The key is taking the problems one at a time, working through them and then (as we teach in the Marriage Course) to always keep problems out in front of you and not as a divider between you!

The weather has been great. While Sabine's exercise program has been severely curtailed, she still gets out for a short walk and time in the warm sun.

Better days are ahead. Right, God?

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