Friday, October 21, 2016

Still Struggling to Normalize

Yesterday, Sabine went in for her second chemo infusion this week (carfilzomib) and with platelets and some other blood chemistry tests being low, she had to receive 2 units of whole blood. After the chemo infusion, we left the clinic at around 7:30 p.m. Whew!

But a stop at our favorite local Chinese restaurant (Imperial Gardens) perked her up. Juggling 5 hemodialysis sessions a week with two runs to the clinic at UW Hospital for IV infusions sort of fills the week up along with the normal fall chores of getting ready for winter on the farm, and her mother's failing memory -- it's challenge.

Although she is pretty tired (8.0 hemoglobin), she continues to have a positive attitude with daily exercise and coveted naps in the afternoon.

We still have our boat in the water (we try to be the last one out in early November)
and we are looking forward to enjoying some overnights on the Mississippi.

In January, we begin our 9th year managing this thing called "cancer."


A Poem on a Walk

for 8 years now
we've pursued
while blood-washing
chemicals become
your/our life
mutations and permutations have
been partners
in our life
but they do not
as we continue
our morning walks 
(after coffee,
of course)
up the hill 
i see a
some kind of 
an illusion?
private and primitive 
it hangs around
my arm passes
go somewhere
get out of
find another
another what?
another victim?
yes, i say


Monday, October 10, 2016

October and Recovering Platelets

I think we've got the new chemo and the "new normal" established enroute toward some stabilization. Sabine''s playlets have stopped plunging enabling the new chemo to kick in and get back on schedule. She has been pretty tired. We still get out for a daily walk.  There is some face-swelling that we cannot account for. But no neck pain and dialysis is going well.

The end of the boat season is quickly approaching yet October is one of our favorite times on the river.

Much of which to be thankful as we approach year nine.