Thursday, October 24, 2013


This chemo cycle report on the "cancer numbers" looked good. Last cycle when Sabine severely fractured her wrist and had to have an external splint (her erector set), the numbers went up and not down. This caused a lot of worry. The chemo cycle she just completed thankfully told another story -- the numbers went down. This would indicate she is still responsive to the chemo -- bortezimib (Velcade). The strategy now is to do two more cycles and then perhaps a rest.

So far, this chemotherapy has been effective as Sabine's blood cancer is responsive to the drug. Regardless, the future is still bright. Other approved drugs are available. And, as I have said in the past, we have a number of "arrows in the quiver!"

Life is good. Sabine's wrist continues to heal and she continues an active life (dialysis aside!).

That's it. Today's report from the trenches.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


This guy was too cute
not to take his picture.
With the broken (shattered) wrist Sabine got two weeks off without chemo. The thinking here is that the steroid in the chemo treatment might impact healing of the wrist. But... the numbers went UP indicating that the current chemo cocktail may not be working.

So, it's back on the old cocktail for a three-week chemo cycle. If it fails to repress the cancer then we will go to another "arrow" in the quiver (and the good news here is that there are a number of arrows left).

As to the wrist, the orthopedic doc thought the bones were healing but would like Sabine to stay in the external apparatus (erector set) for a couple more weeks.

Sabine continues here daily activity and was even seen bicycling on the Military Ridge trail near Blue Mounds Park on Saturday.

And the leaves are coloring and the temperature dropping... sounds like winter is not far behind!

We live the life.