Friday, May 15, 2009

Home, but not quite free yet!

The elevated temperature came back. We took more blood tests and saw Dr Longo yesterday in Madison (we will repeat this routine again today after dialysis). So far, none of the blood cultures are positive, but some will take longer to incubate.

Sabine's temp ranges from 100 to 101 degrees. She still has yet to regain her appetite. But we are thankful Dr Longo trusts me to be the nurse -- and, so far, we have so far successfully avoided a re-hospitalization!

According to Dr Longo, Sabine should be feeling better now. She still remains feeling like that Mack truck came back around the block and sideswiped her her again. The worry we all have is that there may be an infection in her tunnel catheter which is quite close to her heart. But as I said, the first cultures of the catheter came back negative.

She and Barbara got out for a walk yesterday and Sabine sat for a while on our deck in yesterday's warm sunshine.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we head east to Madison and the Cancer Clinic.