Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fever Continues

The nasty fever persists.

But, as Sabine says, "The worst day in the clinic is better than a good day in the hospital!"

After morning dialysis yesterday we went to the cancer clinic at UW Hospital for more tests. We got there at about 10:30 a.m. and left at 4:30. In the meantime, we waited, were moved around, had blood drawn, had blood drawn again (Sabine must have felt like a pin cushion by the end of the day.)

The blood tests (both peripheral and catheter)still were negative.

Because the antibiotic she was given two days ago (vancomycin) can be dialyzed off, she received another IV dose. Dr Longo also prescribed another antibiotic (cefpodoxime) to be taken orally after dialysis. (I can see some of the complications of stem cell transplants with dialysis going on at the same time!)

Nevertheless, the fever continues (ranging from low 100 to 102 degrees)and remains an "unspecified origin." I continue to worry about the tunnel catheter as a source, but so far the blood draws are negative.

Sabine is starting to eat (a little), keeping herself hydrated, and is sleeping well. I will watch her temperatures over the weekend, skip dialysis today to give the antibiotics time to work, resume dialysis on Sunday and then go to the cancer clinic on Monday.

Sabine does not want to have to go back into the hospital, so she is telling Dr Longo that she is willing to spend all day at the out-patient clinic in order to go home to bed at night. So far, so good.

My prayer is that this fever would go away and Sabine would start feeling better. Please make it yours, too. Thanks!