Thursday, May 7, 2009

T Day +7

We are beginning our seventh day. It's rainy outside and I stayed at the hospital with Sabine last night. I thought this would be tough, but not this tough! And I'm not the patient.

Sabine's "numbers" have crashed, platelets, white blood cells, the whole immune system in order to let the stem cells kick in. In the meantime, she is going through hell. It is so hard to sit here and not be able to alleviate the situation... she is unable to eat any solids due to a swollen throat and she also is suffering from an elevated temperature which we watch with great trepidation as it could indicate a serious infection.

It's just waiting now... and tolerating all this... for a better future.

That gives me hope...

Psalm 23 is still the prayer I say for both of us.