Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T Day +27

Yesterday we went for our weekly post-transplant checkup and the blood work was.... EXCELLENT! Sabine's cell counts were up and in normal range, good white blood cell differentiation, and electrolytes were up, too! (I sort of predicted this outcome based on one thing, on Memorial Day Sabine wanted to go out to eat. Now that's a big improvement. So we sat outdoors at the Blue Spoon Restaurant in Prairie du Sac overlooking the Wisconsin river and had a bite to eat.

I think Monday was the day she started to "normalize" after the transplant. Our Nurse Practitioner Blythe reminded us yesterday that everyone reacts a little differently to a stem cell transplant and Sabine (being "Wonder Woman") just thought that she should be off and running with little impact -- wrong!

So here we are this rainy spring day in Wisconsin feeling much better about everything and very thankful, too. No fever, appetite coming back, walking again, energy slowly coming back... Life is good!


  1. Great to hear. Love to you both.

  2. Such good news!! I believe there were a lot of cheering blog watchers today!

  3. Tony and Darlene27 May, 2009 17:33

    Sabina and David,
    So glad things are "normalizing", we've been following along the blog. I just now realized we could post comments, so have to catch up on the encouraging. You two are often in our thougths, keep up the fight and we'll continue on this end.
    Tony and Darlene