Tuesday, May 5, 2009

T Day +5

After a couple of shaky days (nausea, loose bowels, mouth sores, no appetite, no taste) things started to turn up. Sabine's clinical "numbers" are looking good and progressing downward (as they should be). Today was Sabine's first neupogen injection to stimulate her bone marrow. And dialysis is a bit of a drag (after all, no one can do it better than me, right?).

Sister Barbara is doing a great job in spelling me (as brother-in-law Ken and I do some relaxing visits to REI and Cabella's and begin to scout the elusive trout on the streams near Black Earth).

I have been getting out on my bike and logging a few miles to relieve my own stress!

Good friends stand at the ready. Ah yes, WE CAN DO THIS! YES WE CAN!

Today, Dr Longo mentioned Monday as a possibility -- Sabine is excited, barring a possible infection (which is always possibile) she might be going home on Monday or Tuesday. Wow! That's a week ahead of schedule! God willing!

Sabine remains a real trooper -- exercising, meditating, and just being the wonderful soul that she is. Thank you, Lord!

And so... another day in the tunnel... another day closer to going home... another day of healing... another day of blessing...