Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Update

It's been a busy December -- family, kids, grandkids, church, friends...

Some good news: It looks like Sabine's first round of chemotherapy is working!  After one cycle with Velcade+Dexamethasone she is in "normal" limits!

Bad news -- she picked up a respiratory infection and is now being treated with an antibiotic called the "Z-pak." Lot of coughing.... some temperature rises... and a worried husband.

More to soon to come.

Love and blessings to our blog friends!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

In the Trench!

Sabine dialyzing on the train coming back from San Antonio
this summer.
We are back in the "trench" (that's what I call chemotherapy and I'm only the support person!
It's been a great summer. Sabine has had almost 6 months off without chemo. But we have seen the "numbers" slowly creep back up and now we have come to the point that Dr Sheehan believes some chemical intervention is necessary.

Starting next week, it's chemo infusion (IV) two days a week at the U.W. hospital for a two week cycle followed by a week off.

Off we go. Back in the trench -- but being back in the trench means the shots fly over your head, right?

The really bad thing for Sabine is that this means we can't go south to warm up this winter.

We will see. Maybe a weekend at a local water park?

Christmas is coming. Life is still a blessing. And we begin our 5th year of fighting cancer together!