Friday, May 1, 2009

T-Day + 1

Transplant day plus one! We are on the way d-o-w-n! Sabine's blood numbers are dropping as the chemo takes action. The cells were planted yesterday and in about 7-10 days she should be at her low point and her numbers beginning to climb. Sister Barbara (Nurse Ratchet) has been a great help in relieving me -- Sabine says that I am to REST during this time so I can be raring and ready to go when she comes home from the hospital somewhere between T+15 and T+21.

She has still be exercising by getting a walk in everyday or using the fancy compact exercise equipment daughter Yumi sent to her.

The staff has been wonderful and so we, like farmers, look for the first green shoots that signify a successful planting.

We feel your prayers! Thank you!