Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feeling Better!

Sabine's sister and husband (Barb and Ken) headed back to Missouri this morning (a good sign that Sabine is on the mend).

The fever seems to have broken (and is staying away) and Sabine actually ate a WHOLE scrambled egg and some fruit this morning for breakfast.

She is looking forward to seeing our pup. Mocha, this afternoon for a walk in the woods. (Mocha was on the post-transplant "quarantine" list and is now acceptable for petting -- with post-hand-washings!)

Life is looking better!


  1. I check your blog first thing each day and have been breathing with your ups and downs!! I want to FEED YOU both! How about a free range chicken or fresh brillient yolked eggs? or...
    would you like it? I could drop things off with Charlette???

  2. Brilliant news guys. It is said the darkest hour is just before the dawn - a reminder to all of us to keep our trust and faith in times of adversity. Continuing Best wishes. Adrian