Monday, May 24, 2010


After 2-1/2 years, Sabine has the plastic tubes out of her neck, secure "buttonholes" for hemodialysis, and some warm weather and..... SHE'S BACK IN THE POOL!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

One-Year Anniversary!

Yesterday, Sabine celebrated her one-year anniversary of her stem cell transplant last May with a 50K bike ride to benefit the new Transplant House in Middleton.  After a week of cold and rain, yesterday was sunny and nearly 70 degrees!  This was our third time on the used tandem we picked up last fall.  The course was hilly (which means a lot of work for tandem riders) and some blistering downhills in which we left most of the pack in our dust!  A GREAT DAY!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring -- I think

This has been one cold spring season.  In March I was out riding my bicycle and then the cold spell hit.  But last week Sabine and I did get out on our new-used tandem.  We put big panniers on the back so we can commute between the farm and Mazomanie.  Wasn't too bad.

I know Sabine is looking forward to swimming this summer -- and with the solar blanket our pool is already over 70 degrees (and on a few nights it has dropped to freezing).  In fact, this Sunday, on the way to church, I had to scrape the frost off the windows.

The "cannulations" continue to go well for a whole week and then after a day off those veins are sliding around like a sausage in a pail of water.  We have persisted and finally have found the fistula and have not had to resort to using a sharp needle to make the connection.

We have become members of Gilda's Club in Madison and every Tuesday we go there for a potluck dinner and separate cancer patient and caregiver groups.  It is another support base for both of us.

Things have gone well as we have returned to our old parish in North Lake on a Sunday by Sunday basis.  It has been good for both of us to reconnect with the folks at St Peter's!