Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday's Consult

I am sorry I didn't get a post out yesterday afternoon. I think the anxiety of that visit was a little tiring (to say the least!).

After dialysis yesterday we met with Dr Sheehan at the Cancer Clinic. We received some very good news. Sabine's echo-cardiogram was clear as were her liver tests -- no sign of those nasty myeloma cells causing problems there like they did to her kidneys.

And then another good set of news -- the first round of the Velacade + dexamethasone chemotherapy was very successful and reduced the number of the "light chains" by 80%!

We now go into our second round of the Velcade/dexamethasone starting next Monday after dialysis and we continue two weekly infusions (Monday and Thursday) for another two week cycle followed by blood tests, a week off, and then most likely into our third cycle. We could be doing this up to eight two week cycles.

In the meantime, we are working with nutrition and some mind-body folks about relaxation, stress-reduction and "healing imaging." All this, along with prayer, acceptance and an openness to the work of God's Spirit will be our task during the coming months.

Dr Sheehan remarked that given Sabine's overall good health up until the kidney failure, we should have some good years ahead -- music to my ears!