Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Sabine and I enjoyed having Easter weekend visitors -- granddaughter Taylor and daughter, Sumi, and her husband, Scott from New Jersey.

As you can see, there is a great resemblance between grandmother and granddaughter -- one has a pink hat and the other pink ears!
Taylor is mesmerized by grandpa's telling the Easter story (or was the fact I was making interesting noises; maybe it's the familar ears.
Here is Scott, Sumi and the birthday girl. With Easter falling so early this year, Taylor will never have another Easter Sunday birthday -- the next March 23rd Easter occurs well over a hundred years from now.
Taylor takes her first donkey ride under the watchful eyes of her great-grandmother.

Tomorrow Sabine goes to the lab for her end-of-chemo-cycle blood tests. Then we meet for consultation with Dr Sheehan a week from Wednesday. We are looking for some good test results showing this cancer is coming under control.

Please keep us all in prayer. It's helping!

And as we enter this Easter season, HOPE and PROMISE are our companions.
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