Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Relay for Life"

[From Sabine]

As has been my practice over the years, I have participated in the American Cancer Society's annual "Relay for Life." I have had so many friends and relatives impacted by this destructive disease.

But this year I am taking it very personally and refuse to let anything keep me from being a full participant -- including my own cancer.

Since my condition and treatment schedule are so unpredictable I have decided to participate in the Relay nearest my home which will be held at the Wisconsin Heights High School between Mazomanie and Black Earth on Highway 14.

So, if you are available on Friday night, June 27th mark your calendars now. Come and walk a few laps with me and if you want to stay overnight bring a tent. Or just stop by for something to do that can make a difference.

The theme for the Relay this year is "Going to the Movies" and we are planning to be the "Wizard of Oz" campsite. (Hopefully, this event does not conflict with a Relay in your area that you may be planning to attend.)

Over the past months, friends and family members have asked me how they can help. Already many of you have helped out in ways to numerous to count -- and for that I am so grateful!

Another way you can help is to refuse to let this illness overwhelm our HOPE. On a more practical note, you could help me by donating 5 or 10 dollars with a check made out to the American Cancer Society that will go to my team effort.

I am afraid that my energy level will not permit me to do much fund raising this year as I have done in the past (and many of you know has been my "m.o." [police talk for "modus operandi," or "method of operation"]).

Where there is faith, hope, love, friends, and family miracles are possible!

So, grab Toto, put on your red shoes, and practice our song, "Ding-dong the Cancer's dead!" because on June 27th we're going to Oz!

Love and thanks as always,


p.s You can send those checks made out to ACS to me at 5282 County Road K, Blue Mounds, WI 53517.

p.p.s. And, yes, you're right, when it come to a good cause, I have absolutely NO SHAME!