Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Bound

Sabine is seen modelling her new prayer shawl given to her by St Peter's Church. Sort of reminds me of Joseph's "multi-colored dreamcoat!" At the right of the picture is our ever-present wonder dog, Mocha Latte (she has taken a break from running by and taunting our donkeys, Max and Moritz.

You can see that spring is coming to New Journey Farm. While there are some snow drifts still remaining, most of our 5 and 6 foot drifts have been reduced to just snow piles.

It has been nice to take a couple of weeks off from chemotherapy. And we look forward to some good reports next week from Dr Sheehan.

Thanks to all of you who have sent beautiful cards and gifts to Sabine -- this has kept her spirits high and helped the grieving process we both are experiencing from having to leave our dear friends at St Peter's.

We attended Holy Week and Easter services at a parish in Mazomanie, St John's Lutheran Church, and were warmly enfolded by this vibrant parish and their young pastor, Rob Nelson. I know that making the shift from "pulpit to pew" will be a big one for me and one that I will have to slowly live into after all those years of parish leadership. (I will resist my vision of the old pastor/priest emeritus sitting in the back pew grumbling and dozing from time to time, ugh! We are talking about what kind of role we can and should play exercising that which we believe that has been so important to both of us over the years.)
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