Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Comes

It took two web posts to get these pictures loaded! Anyway, weekends without active chemotherapy are pretty good -- we said this weekend, "We can do this!" Though life is not exactly what we would have ordered if it was a buffet, it is still a wonderful feast.

You can see by the pictures that things are coming together in the cottage. Kurt and I did some work this week on the furnace return air and the electrical job was completed after a consult with our master electrician, Sue Worthington!

So, Kurt said, "It's time to call the building inspector for a final inspection!" (When we started this project almost two years ago, I thought I would never hear those words." The cottage is bright, cheery and colorful. Sabine always lights up when she visits.

Furniture was delivered on Saturday and suddenly the place came to life. A proper celebration for a spring day.

And with the snow melting and mud appearing, I thought of a poem I had written almost 50 years ago. (I guess that's what you do when you approach various landmarks in your life -- like turning 70!)

spring comes
like little skipping girls
down slushy mud streets
wearing starched green dresses
with little white bows
freshness in their laughter
brightness in their talk
little insects
instant-broken out of weathered
cocoon shells
they talk and smile
and even giggle
like little skipping girls
down slushy mud streets

Sabine and I were joking yesterday about my overall lack of energy since this ordeal began. Sometimes I think Sabine has more energy than I do. Sabine suggested that maybe I was getting a little depressed -- not because of her illness, but because I lost my old truck last fall!

So, to celebrate my 70th and her 55th this week, we decided to get a "previously-owned" truck (2001 Chevy Silverado; 4x4? of course!).

And there I am and yes, I DO feel a lot better because every man needs a good truck (and I already have a good wife!) [See the rest of the cottage pictures below...]

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