Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Normal Saturday

The tons of snow, the 6’ snow banks have just about all disappeared with a few days of bright spring-like sunshine and fair winds… Yesterday, while Sabine and I were coming home from dialysis in Madison we saw our first two Robins – can spring be far behind?

And this morning while getting ready for our walk in the woods, we heard our the call of our first Sandhill Cranes. That did it for me – this IS spring.

You can see from the picture that Sabine has shed her snowshoes in favor of poles and hiking boots. Now Mocha has a firm footing to chase the many critters in these woods.

We really enjoy these non-medical “off-days.” So this morning after our walk we went over to the cottage, I put up a shelf, put the outdoor furniture on the deck and we had coffee and a treat together.

Afterwards, we meandered over to Spring Green and had lunch at the General Store there (Sabine even picked out some new earrings – probably to match her new socks!

Then we drove over to Dodgeville and checked out some used trucks and went to the Farm and Fleet store.

Life is good – especially when the day is “normal!” (But as I am reminded by Sabine, “normal” is only a setting on your clothes dryer!).

While listening to National Public Radio this morning we heard a story about Ernest Hemmingway being challenged whether he could write a short story in ten words. He replied that he could do it in six. His story:

For sale, baby shoes. Never worn.

Wow! This seemed to prompt another storyline as to whether a person could write his or her life story in six words. It seems that Smith Magazine had done something like this in the past year. You can read more about this at:

Here’s some life story excerpts from the NPR website:

After Harvard, had baby with crackhead. - Robin Templeton

70 years, few tears, hairy ears. - Bill Querengesser

Nobody cared, then they did. Why? - Chuck Klosterman

She said she was negative. Damn. - Ryan McRae

Born in the desert, still thirsty. - Georgene Nunn

Extremely responsible, secretly longed for spontaneity. - Sabra Jennings

Almost a victim of my family - Chuck Sangster

Write about sex, learn about love. - Martha Garvey

[From Not Quite What I Was Planning, Smith magazine, edited by Rachel Fershleiser and Larry Smith, Harper Perennial, 2008].

One of the favorites I heard on the radio is this one:

Ran away with circus. Never returned.

How about a theological bent? Not a good Christian, but trying.

Sabine has been thinking about her story. I am sure we all are looking forward to hearing it...

In the meantime, let me submit this spontaneous story of mine:

A poet wished. All came true.

What would your six-word life story be? (Submissions accepted here!)