Wednesday, February 13, 2008


you say you're sorry
to have to be so sick
you cry because you think
you are ruining my life

but you just don't get it
do you?
i mean you think that this is bad
this is somekind of a burden

you think i don't thank God for this?
this time of closeness with you?

yes are blessing times
blessings of a warm house
a car that starts
food on our table
our home and woods
and yes most of all
our friends and loved ones
who pray for us
who pour out their hearts daily for us

no this is not a curse
we are being blessed
blessed beyond are wildest hopes
blessed beyond all our dreams

it is the blessing of our first days
come once again
those crazy hapless days
when all that mattered was us
when each intimate day
we couldn't get enough of each another