Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cottage Finishing in Mazomanie

Here's a Message I got from Kurt who is our project "Spark":

Hi David,

I just want to confirm the work days schedule with you so you can post it to your Blog and forward to your list.

Thursday (February 21)
This day will be mostly for trimmers, or people with some basic carpentry skills.
All materials will be on hand, bring your favorite tools.

I will set up acompressor with brad and finish nailer, and a chop saw.

Friday (February 22)
This day will be for trimmers again, but painters can join in. Painters should bring work clothes and your favorite brush or two.

Saturday (February 23)
This day should be mostly painting and clean up.

There is a group of painters already planning to come Saturday.
A few more painters would be great.

There are a bunch of folks who already have been plugging away at the list of things to do and I am not sure what has been accomplished so far. [Ed. note: venting and vents have been installed for the bathroom fan, kitchen stove fan, and gas dryer.]

We have decided NOT to have a work day on Sunday, but instead to re-group, workup a "punch list" and attack it at a later date.

[Ed. note: such things as a three or four-person crew to blow insulation into the attic spaces. And things that we might have missed.]

I hope my lack of organization hasn't gotten in the way of anyone. I am trying to be a "spark" to help get you through the final slog of this project.

[Ed. Note: Let's plan on getting started at 9 a.m. each day.]


[You can contact Kurt at his email address: country1@mhtc.net or call him at (608) 341-8137.]