Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cottage Raising -- Final Day!

Just so everyone knows, there were coffee breaks and this is the evidence. Our "final day" was primarily devoted to painting and cleanup -- and did we have another great crew. By the end of the day, the cottage had another coat of paint and all kinds of loving "touch-ups." We just have one more 1/2 to blow insulation into the attic. If some of you feel greatly left out -- remember we need a crew of about 3 or four (hopefully, someone with experience) who can do this "final" inside job.
At the end of the day, there was a bit of levity as local friends of Charlotte's put together an "all-chick" painting team. They were joined by Steph Naze and Kathy Marks (and her consort, Andy). "Spark-plug" Kurt organized the effort and at the end of the day, put the hinges on the basement trap door and got that working.
There seemed to be a break out of song (see the "can-can" picture [above]) as the day ended. And look at those floors!
Steph patrols the elusive paint spots with her trusty can of "Goof-Off." SIMPLY A GREAT DAY AND THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED US OUT. I will give Sabine a tour of the cottage today -- won't she be surprised!!
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