Sunday, February 10, 2008

A New Poem and Three Very Old Ones

we talked
surrounded by huge white
cotton-ball snowflakes falling from the sky
why are we not angry?

shouldn’t we be angry?
this life suddenly shifted
is it because we have the fulfilled life?
a life rich in blessings?

shouldn’t we be angry?
this life of ours forever changed
t-boned and veering out of control

maybe it’s because we realize
our passing nature
the we are all deadmen walking
but for us the in-between
has been so wonderful
so complete

yet as we talk
our tears begin
to fall with the snowflakes
why this sadness?


we are two children
playing on the merry-go-round
it is so much fun
we squeal with delight
the calliope music
the whirling galloping horses

and we are sad
so sad
when mom and dad say
come on, you two, it's time to go


From Sabine’s 151 Poems, that I wrote and presented to her as a gift on our wedding day.

Number 11

when you decided to
look at me
did you think it would happen?

when you decided to
talk to me
did you imagine
that this would follow?

when you decided to
touch me
did you understand
that you would never leave me?


Number 5

you don’t understand nor realize
the immensity, magnetism and pull
of me to your self my alter body

you refuse to hear words
mere sounds
easy to say you say

you won’t listen to my special sounds
deep you-sounds
if you won’t hear my words
listen to my body

hear my touch
my exploration of you
listen to my eyes
my heartsounds
hear how I hold you many hours after
you must hear my tenderness

it’s just not fair
you’re not listening to my words
you’re not hearing my self

would you please stop a moment?
look way ahead
and notice that I’ve been with you
all these
many years.


Number 150

hildegaard luise
drifting dreaming
passages and trails
through the interstices of my mind

you carry your heritage
like small tiny gemstones
in your open palm
as you wispily brushtouch my lips

hildegaard luise
your laughter and
cover-conceal your delicate
inner vulnerability
and startling beauty
a thin floating airy shell
translucing quiet evening light
like a silken shadowy veil

hildegaard luise
only I know this
of all who have known you
and this perhaps frightens you
and you are hesitant
like a newborn wood fawn
to materialize your substance before me
but I will never hurt you
never bruise your fragile self

your fragrant vaporous being
covers my body
my insecurity
with the complete knowledge
and sense of you
but when I reach out
to hold you
sift between my fingers
as spring morning fog
disappearing softly

and I quietly
wait for you again

but next time
I will capture you
hildegaard luise
breathe you into my lungs
and intermix you
an amalgam
of our two selves
separate yet together
we will never be alone