Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Morning

Yesterday we had our second infusion on our second round of chemotherapy (for those who are following it is Velcade plus dexamethasone).

So far it has gone well with Sabine able to get some sleep with little nausea. We meet next week with the dialysis staff and would like to see if we can qualify for home dialysis in the future (we think it is basically 2 hours of dialysis 6 days a week).

The Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags are a recent gift from Sabine's sister, Barbara and her husband, Ken, who recently returned from Tibet and Barbara crafted these prayer flags from ink stamps she found during her travels. After all, we need all the help we can get and we all know just how BIG God is!

Sabine, despite her fatigue, is still able to get out at least once a day. We think (and the docs agree) that daily exercise is a good thing for the treatment program. You will notice our trusty wonder dog, Mocha Latte, in the foreground hiding behind the tree.

The woods have never been so beautiful as they have been this year. Our trails are criss-crossed with many deer tracks and we find an occasional round hole about a foot or so deep where one of our deer has bedded down for the evening (probably just after they go down and steal the corn from our geese!).

Sabine walks the center trail while I catch the climb and the cliffs on either our north or south trails. This is the year for snowshoes! I think we have about 4 feet of snow in the woods. And without snowshoes this year it would be impossible to walk the trails.

This is the view from our south hill looking towards Blue Mound State Park. The ever-present trail companion, Mocha, is surveying her domain. There must be a squirrel, turkey or deer out here somplace!
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