Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Good Day!

We beat the snow today! While the forecast is for 8-10 inches more of snow we still we able to get to the UW Hospital this morning, have a successful surgical procedure (the tunnel catheter) and return home just as the snow is coming in from the west.

It’s good day to hibernate… take some naps and prepare for our meeting with our oncologist, Dr Sheehan, tomorrow. Sabine is a little weary but up in spirit.

The dialysis went well last night and we sadly said goodbye this morning to Ken and Barb who (after a month with us) returned to Missouri. We couldn't have gone this far without their love and presence. They will remain "on call."

Thanks for all your prayers and offers of help. We knew we had wonderful family and friends -- but now we know just how wonderful you are!