Sunday, January 27, 2008

Winter's Day at New Journey Farm

Yesterday (Saturday) was one of the most peaceful and quiet days we have had since the "freight train" hit us.

The temperature was in the high 20s, and the snow quietly laying on the branches. And our wonderful neighbor, Bob, plowed us out again for the umpteenth time this year -- thanks, Bob!

Deb Mejchar came up to Charlotte's house and taught Barb and I how to tie an African-style headdress so we could show Sabine. What a blessing! Deb had worked all last night as a night chaplain at Meriter Hospital.

Sabine is now slumbering in spite of the tiredness she feels with the low WBC and platelet counts. We pray this chemotherapy is working and decimating those myeloma cells!

Our geese and donkeys contentedly paddle and munch through the day.
All seems well in the Kingdom. We sense God's peace and love.

Thanks again to all you who hold us both in your prayers and hearts.

We wish we could be with our family at St Peter's this Sunday. Thankfully Charlotte is headed that way and will meet up 1/2 way with Andy and Kathy who will bring her to St Peter's.

We love you all.
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  1. My prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult time. This is Jenni from Maryville. Teak is a dear friend of mine, and she and I visited about Sabine on Friday when she called to check on my husband and me. Brian is stage IV melanoma and we came home from the hospital in hospice on New Year's Day. Brian was rediagnosed with melanoma in April 2005, and it never really got any easier. But when I read through your blog, I am happy to see the things that have helped us survive...God, family, friends, and being together. Hold all very dear to you, and you will be able to face anything. I will pray for Sabine's body to respond to the treatments, and also for you, her caregivers. Taking care of Brian has been hard, draining, emotional, and frustrating. But the rewards are great, and I am proud to be by his side. Many blessings to you from Missouri.
    Jenni Halley