Thursday, January 24, 2008

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  1. Dear Dave,
    I'm so sorry for this unwanted and davastating turn yours and Sabine's lives have taken. My mom and I have talked quite a lot about it and you have probably already heard some of this from her but I hope you will reconsider and allow Sabine to see her children, friends and other family members. She needs to see them - crying or not. Your tears show your incredible love for her - they're O.K. If I had it to do over with my dad, who us kids never did accept would die, I would have had him at home, surrounded by loved ones, crying, laughing and reminiscing. And discussing what could happen. I wish our whole family would have gotten together with my dad to talk about this. Instead it was just my mom and dad who talked about the possibility of his dying. I couldn't believe after my dad died that my mom said that she and my dad had discussed his dying without including the rest of us. Remember to cry until you can't cry anymore. I know you may be afraid you'll never stop but you will and you will feel better for it. The tears are what helps you heal. I wish there was another way, but once you enter the tunnel the only way out is through it.
    With love, Linda (Gorski) Hupf