Monday, January 21, 2008

Sabine had a good day yesterday (Sunday), we did some walks in the hall together (and Sabine with her mask that strangely looks like a duck’s bill!). The dialysis has dropped her high creatinine and BUN levels. This morning she is going off to her third dialysis treatment and we are praying for no nausea and good numbers.

I know Sabine is feeling a little better because yesterday she said that what ever they wanted her to confess to she was willing to do it – She said, “Just give me the question!” The question this morning (after a fairly good night’s sleep) is, “If this is a B&B why are they torturing me?” Or if this is Guantanamo Bay, “Why is it -20 below zero outside?”

The white blood cell count has yet to take the plunge which will bring on a new set of problems. I think the kidney team would like to put in a permanent PIC line while the blood team is worried about the surgery this would entail.

Sabine’s primary physician, Dr Tom Hartges, from Group Health Cooperative, should be back from a family vacation overseas and we look forward to working with him to COORDINATE these in-patient and out-patient (and im-patience) systems.

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