Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Out-Patient Dialysis

While yesterday was a little crazy with the cancelled surgery due to Sabine's neutropenic (low immune system) condition, our 4th dialysis went well. We have to be very careful of infections so I am having little outside contact with people until Sabine gets through this low point in her chemotherapy.
FOLLOWING DR'S ORDERS! We have been taking slow walks so that her system stays healthy. This morning, after another snowfall and mild temperature (we went from -20 to +20 within two days!) we walked in our beautiful, snowy woods. She made it nearly to the end of the uphill central trail path!
Mocha has been up at Charlotte's house while all this is going on. So she just about goes nuts when she has a chance to see Sabine -- she runs circles around her and makes magnificent in-air jumps and twists to demonstrate her wonderful doggy happiness.

Charlotte, Sabine and I want to thank everyone for their cards of love and encouragement.

The battle continues.... Lord, you are our strength and our salvation!
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