Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This morning we are awaiting a consultation to check on how the chemotherapy and hemodialysis combination is doing. Sabine's third dialysis was a little better and less nausea (they say you get used to it -- but 'ugh' you lay there and your blood goes somewhere else and then comes back to you...). Yesterday, Dr Juckett (from hematology/oncology) said he was pleased with how Sabine was responding to the Cytoxan. She was tolerating the chemotherapy very well.

We hope to be consulting with him this morning and see what the next steps are.

There is some movement on Sabine's request to try and finish the cottage. My friend, Kurt, who has offered to be the "construction boss" (don't worry he is a gentle-man) has proposed the following dates for the Amish-style cottage raising: FEBRUARY 21-24 (this incorporates two weekdays and a weekend). Those of you who can help, please mark this on your calendars and then let us know if you can come on one or more of those days. Kurt and I will make a list of tasks.

Stay tuned... I hope to publish something later this morning or early afternoon as to the "next steps" regarding Sabine's treatment. And, by the way, thanks again for all your offers of help.

Our friend, Deb Mejchar, said that she would be able to meet a particular need of Sabine: to learn how to do African-style head-wrapping with bright cheery colors!

A poem for the day:

I wish I didn't love you so much
I wish I didn't feel your pain and fear
but then what would that be?
what would I be?
we became one flesh that beautiful, cold, wind-swepted day so long ago
and now we two cannot be separated
and what you feel
brings the sadness you see in my eyes

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