Friday, February 26, 2010


It's Friday and I have now done my 6th set of "sticks" in Sabine's fistula.  We are well on the way to establishing the "buttonholes" and I am told I am improving my technique each time.

On Monday, I will be using the buttonhole needle (with a blunt point) through the "tunnel" we have been in the process of creating these past two weeks at the dialysis center in Madison.

Sabine has picked up a cold and this, of course, picks up my "worry antenna."  But Sabine seems to have a fairly normal cold with only slightly elevated temperatures and light cough. 

The dialysis staff did a blood culture on Wednesday and it, thankfully, turned out negative.  But I am still cautious and, yes, no kissing!

It has been snowy with some zero temperatures and we are ready for Spring!

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