Thursday, February 4, 2010

Heading Home

Tomorrow we will be heading home -- back to Wisconsin, snow and arm-sticking as we begin again to develop and access point on Sabine's arm with the able assistance of the Wisconsin Dialysis Center.  We have had a great and active time in Florida -- visiting kids and grandkids, friends Rusty and Diane, exercising, beach walking and being patrons of the arts (The Blue Man Group, The Moscow Circus, and Neil Simon's play, "Rumors").

The weather has been great, but we miss our dog (Sabine's brother, Rainer, came and visited his mother for a week and nearly stole the affections of Mocha).

So, tomorrow morning we get up early, dialyze, and hit the road north (most likely through some rain and sleet and even snow as we progress north.

This has been a good time.  A time to enjoy one another.  A time to be thankful for the time we have.  Refreshed, we move on.

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