Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good News! (again)

Sabine's stem-cell transplant last spring seems to be holding.  We just got our labs back prior to meeting with Dr Sheehan next Wednesday and they look good.  The primary "marker" has been the number of those nasty "light chain" proteins that caused the kidney failure and they are currently in the "normal" range. This is good news and to be celebrated!

Another good report comes from this morning when I made the first needle "sticks" into Sabine's fistula in her arm.  I was able to hit the veins (fistula) and all went well (I know Sabine was a little anxious, but I had received good training from the staff, watched a 2-hour video, and was rarin' and ready to go this morning.  It will take a couple of weeks for me down this so there is a tunnel and then we can make the connection through the "buttonhole" with a blunt needle thereby reducing the chance of missing the vein and causing internal bleeding in the arm.  So far, so good.

p.s. Second day note: arm looks good, no bleeding, no hematomas!

Thanks be to God!

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