Friday, December 5, 2008

On the Road!

On Wednesday we did our dialysis and then headed south in a snowstorm.

We stopped at Metropolis, IL just before entering into Kentucky. I wonder if their newspaper is called "The Daily Planet"?


Lois, is that you?

No, it's Wonder Woman!!

Now in Georgia just south of the horrendous Atlanta traffic we started searching for BBQ's -- and we found one of the best!

After one night in a state park near Paducah, KY we headed south and found a great campground in the Osceola National Forest near Lake City. FL.

We had our morning coffee watching the sunrise and were treated to an early morning rainbow. Then it was a press-on day to Orlando and our place near Buena Vista (Mouse Country)!

Our dialysis supplies arrived intact at the resort and we are ready to go....

We, of course, miss you all and wish you could join us for this 85 degree weather!

Love to all of you,
David and Sabine