Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Fine Summer

Sabine's sister, Barb, and her husband, Ken, have come up for a visit this week. As you will remember, Ken and Barb were my "life-savers" in January and spent a couple of weeks with us helping me get organized when Sabine came home from the hospital.

This time the visit was a much less hectic and stressful. Yesterday, we went for Sabine's first bike ride (10 miles) and visited some prairie sites on County Highway JG just south of Mt. Horeb (In the first pic we are lined up at the start near the health club).

The ladies on the downhill...

Ken is with his recumbent (Bike-E) that he got a few years ago.

This week we have our bi-weekly dialysis clinic in Madison on Thursday, and then on Friday, we consult with Dr Yolanda Becker at the UW Hospital regarding Sabine's recent surgery and we expect to receive a new surgery date to install a "graft" in Sabine's arm. We also will be working with the staff to try and avoid the nausea and vomitting Sabine experienced after the last surgery.

Home dialysis continues to go well for us (well, at least for me!) and we have come to greatly value the space in the cottage as our own "dialysis center." As care provider, I appreciate the compact space, cleanliness, and newness of the cottage in which to do our medical work.

We were saddened about missing grand-daughter Samantha's 18th birthday party in St Paul. But our love and thoughts were sent to her (along with prayers for passing her driver's license exam!).

I led worship at St Andrew's in Monroe today and will filling in for our local pastor, Rob Nelson, for the next two Sundays at Mazomanie and Black Earth, as he and his family take a well-deserved vacation.

Hope all is well with you as we enjoy this absolutely wonderful summer in the hills of Wisconsin!

With love from both of us!