Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Back to School!

Aha! Many of you may be wondering what happened to Monday's weekly blog -- well, we are too busy! We went back to school (home dialysis training) on Monday after a busy (but lovely) Fourth of July weekend.

I can only image that the pre-flight check list for a 747 airliner is a little bit smaller than the check list for home dialysis! (somewhat kidding, but not entirely).

The book below is our home dialysis "bible" and has just about everything you wanted to know about dialysis, the machine, problem-solving, and emergency procedures.

We have a great nurse-trainer and every day this week and for the next three weeks we will be at "school" from 8:30 to about noontime. During our training time, Sabine is hooked up to the home unit and we receive training on the unit. It is rather complex, but it is something that I am excited about doing (Sabine is, too; but as she says, it's her body while for me it's some great new technology!).

Nevertheless, life has been good for us. On our woodland walk this morning I asked Sabine how happy she was on a scale of 1-10 (even considering the cancer) and she said that she was at an "8." I would say the same thing. While it may be difficult for some folks to imagine how two people with this deadly cancer can be so happy, the fact is that we are! Thanks be to God!

Stay tuned. I'll keep you up on the training and how we are doing. Blessings all around.