Monday, June 2, 2008

Cottage Weekend

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This weekend we did a trial run at our cottage. Everything has finally been completed except for the phone service (another long story of struggle with a "public" utility). Nevertheless, it was a wonderfully warm and grand weekend as we have a two week intermission between cancer therapies.

This coming Wednesday we meet with our oncologist and see how things are. (Those dreaded Lambda Light Chains seem to be holding their own. I just got the blood test back today and it was 116 (last time it was 100) but much better than the 10,800 we started with. We will see what Dr Sheehan has to say and what the next step is. Stay tuned.

These two pictures are taken at Indian Lake which is about 10 miles northwest of the cottage and has a free-run dog trail that Mocha great enjoys (well, so do we!).

I think I mentioned at Sabine has been running up to two miles. The research shows that excercise is of great benefit to cancer patients. Most everyone agrees exercise has great psychological benefits and so think that there are physiological benefits as well. Sabine thought back in January that she would never be able to run again, so this is a great leap forward for her.
This weekend niece Teak and her two children, Seger and Malea, joined Kim Lobitz and her kids from the Chicago area, Jared and Jackson for a visit with Grandma Buddy and some romping at the pool that is a very comfortable 78 degrees without benefit of fossil fuels! We joined them on Sunday after church.
This Sunday I "supplied" at St Andrew's Episcopal Church in Monroe. It is a very tiny (I think the tiniest) church in the diocese. We enjoy the congregation and look forward to our monthly visits.