Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Iceman Cometh

The Iceman Cometh

Rural living for most of the weeks of the year is a delight – but not all weeks – like the last two and the ice storm and one-inch coating of ice on the ground – and driveway. Thankfully, my Yak Traks (shoe spikes) came to the rescue.

First Sabine fell, broke her hip,  and was hospitalized for a week. Then we had to cancel chemo for a week. Then Rainer came (and fell but thankfully was not injured!). Then the delivery man of our dialysis fell and could not get up the driveway so we off-loaded the 50+ boxes near the barn. To the rescue came Rainer and neighbor Bob we carried them into the basement.

Yes, there’s more… I parked the Sonata up the driveway to make room for the dialysis truck who was unable to get up Buddy’s driveway. It was cold when I parked the car. Then the sun came out and melted some the the ice and the unoccupied car slid down the hill and hit a donkey pen post and just about totaled the front end.

Then we were supposed to get a prescription for her pain relief which is necessary because the treatment for a broken hip that is not separated is to put pressure on it through the leg. And one cannot do this unless something is done to mask the incredible pain this will cause. Well, thanks to widespread opiate addiction today most providers will not fill a weekend prescription. I took me most of the day and numerous phone calls to get through to a medical practitioner who would fill the prescription. Finally, a doc on call for  Dr Sheehan came to the rescue. What’s the learning? We are responsible for our own medical care and beware of the “silos” (medical disciplines) who have difficulty communicating with one another.

And it rained and rained and froze and froze. Finally, in desperation we called our township office and they came to the rescue with sand and salt and the ice began to melt.

Buddy continues to be up and down (sometimes in bed for 2-3 days) with a growing loss of her memory. This means no donkey lady to do the chores and so that task has been on our agenda as well. (We are in conversation with a family which is looking to  adopt the boys because it’s become simply too much!)

Neighbors and church family have come to the food rescue. Much appreciated!

We are looking forward to a more normality this coming week (chemo on Wed and Thurs, a meeting with Sabine’s oncologist, Dr. Sheehan, and sessions with her occupational and physical therapists.

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