Monday, January 9, 2017

Recovering Back Home

Sabine is all set now in her mom's house in the upstairs bedroom (the dialysis equipment has also been moved there.) She still is experiencing a lot of pain in movement. We did dialysis yesterday afternoon and all went well in the new location (after all, we've dialyzed on a boat, train, and mile-high lodge in Glacier!).

She is scheduled for OT and PT today and we are hoping we can get her moving with less pain given we have a chemo infusion on Wednesday and Thursday at the hospital in Madison.

Brother Rainer is here (I picked him up at the Rockford Airport after church) and helping out with Charlotte and his sister. Josh, Rachel and little Alex came out yesterday as well. Nearby friends Jeff and Bonnie brought food last night.

So... one step (literally) at a time.

And, yes, above all things -- it could have been worse!

Stay tuned.
Wedding Day -- December 29, 1981, outside Brookings, So. Dak.
on the way back to Northfields.

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