Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Needed Update

Hard to believe that the last post I wrote was in February -- just after we entered our seventh year of the struggle with cancer.

I guess I am a fair weather writer (looking back on my poetry that is exactly the truth). I tend to write very few poems when things are going well. After all, without grief, loss and tragedy, what would a poet write?

This has been a long way to say that life has achieved a new normal for us. I would call this the "management" stage of the disease. Sure, we dialyze five days a week and have a three-week chemotherapy regimen with, then, a week off (but still dialysis!).

I was still able to encourage Sabine to help me re-edit a workbook we collaboratively wrote over 20 years ago ("The New Quality Leadership Workbook For Police." We published it earlier this month. And Sabine was still able to take three of our youth from St Peter's along a year-long process which ended in their confirmation two weeks ago. And then there is (again) our annual family summer reunion this coming July. (Whew!)

Nevertheless (and if you know me) I venture forth warily, watching for signs of trouble. Sometimes I think of my self as an old western wagon master. The guy who leads a group of settlers west across the prairie and all the time looking for danger, prairie fires, and stampeding buffalo.

Yes, I do enjoy this role (is it not too unlike that of a police officer?). So I am the guardian, the protector. Sabine and I enjoy the journey -- each other's company -- and the time we have to become even better friends and lovers. God is good and so is this life. We are blessed.

Stay tuned.

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