Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We have struggled with the numbers this past year... trying to keep them down -- those nasty, cancer-spawned, light chains that have caused all the problems.

The chemo cycle has been relatively "easy" (and I put this in quotes) for Sabine. She continues to be active and exercise daily (though there has been an impact with being tired). And who shouldn't be with either dialysis or chemotherapy taking up six days of the week?

Sabine did a remarkable effort during the past nine months preparing three teenagers from our parish for confirmation. It never fails to amaze me how good she is with others (particularly children).

These past two months (chemo rounds) she has been undergoing a pretty heavy dose of carfilzomib plus Revilmid plus dexamethasone and it has caused some debilitating daylong nausea on the second or third day after her last (Friday) chemo infusion.

Of course, when something physical happens, I get anxious and start to worry.

So this coming Thursday and Friday she will take the last two infusions of our current cycle and then see Dr Sheehan the following Wednesday. We will monitor (and try to medicate) the nausea and vomiting, check the numbers when the blood work comes back, and then meet with Dr Sheehan and see what's next.

I must never forget that this life or cancer-fighting is one day at a time plus being ever and always thankful for every day I have with her.

Life, and God, remain good.


  1. Sending many healing thoughts to you both. Hope Wednesday brings good news. Joanie Kanter

  2. Our love and best wishes to you both. You are two of the most amazing people we know.

    Mary Ann Wycoff and Jim McLeod