Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Get-away!

I think a big part of the caregiving and cancer-fighting business is to take a break whenever you can.  We have always loved weekend getaways (fondly remembering them in the b.k. days [before kids!]).

This past weekend we attended Sabine's 35th college reunion at Gustavus Adolphus College in St Peter, MN.  (Actually it is part of my history, too.  My first semester at college before I got antsy and joined the Marines was at Gustavus.)


Gusties lost a close one to the Norwegians from Northfield.

Go!, GUSTIES!  (Sabine spent 4 years at Gustavus and never attended a football game.  This is her first!

Sabine's 35th Class Reunion Homecoming!

Sabine with her first Gustavus shirt.

Great to see the social justice is still an active collegiate pursuit

The King and Queen!
We stayed at the Locust Street B&B, attended the Gustavus-St Olaf homecoming football game, met the Homecoming Queen (who was staying at the B&B, took a class picture on the steps of "Old Main," and attended a performance that evening by comedian Scott Novotny (who wrote for Saturday Night Live in the 70s and was a fellow theater major with Sabine) and then woke up on Sunday morning, attended Church of the Holy Communion (Episcopal) and then tried to get home after finding numerous road closings due to the flooding in southeast Minnesota.  But we finally made it home just in time to attend the American Players Theater's stunning performance in Spring Green of South African playwright Athol Fugard's "Exits and Entrances."  Whew!  A great weekend.  Today (Monday) Sabine gets blood drawn for her appointment with Dr Sheehan next week.  We will then see where the cancer is going (hopefully and prayerfully it hit a dead end!).  Dialysis went well today (bulls eyes on both "sticks!").  Life is good!
Scott just loves crowd comedians!
Add the B&B with Scott Novotny's crazy glasses.

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