Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quite the Week

Sabine's fistula-gram on Monday had some good results.  According to the docs, the fistula looks good and there are no blockages visible -- and the stint that was put in a while back is firmly in place.  So what happened last week?

Nevertheless, the cannulations (needle-sticks) went well in our new arterial site and the old venous buttonhole is now working!  Go figure. 

So the week has gone well until this morning when we were encountering some high arterial pressures.  The procedure is to adjust the needle, raising it, doing some half-twists... still high pressure.  When I was adjusting the needle it inadvertently came out!  Now that's excitement, spurting blood, a loose sharp needle and the dialysis machine screaming alarms.  We got the bleeding stopped but could not get the machine running again because it picked up too much air in the system.  So it's "shut down" time.  Bagging the cartridge in a bio-waste bag and consulting with our nursing staff in Madison.

Sabine has an acupuncture appointment early this afternoon so we will put off another dialysis try until she returns.  And as for the cancer, still watching and waiting.  An exciting day for the retired -- too exciting!

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