Thursday, August 26, 2010

Watching and Waiting

We met with Dr Sheehan yesterday at University Hospital and discussed the lab tests.  Yes, it looks like something is going on with the cancer.  But Dr Sheehan suggested that given the increase in Sabine's "numbers" being rather minimal from what it once was, we should "watch and wait.

So, our attack now is to do exactly that.  We will take the light chain test (our cancer "marker") in six weeks and see what is going.  If the increase is slight, we will wait six more weeks and then meet with Dr Sheehan to formulate a strategy if the increase continues.

Right now, Dr Sheehan is not keen on a second stem cell transplant.  He feels we have a number of chemotherapies that can be used to keep the cancer in check before we think about another transplant.

While Sunday was "crash-day" for both of us, we have recovered and Sabine is back to being her bubbling, positive self (and, therefore, so am I!).

She wore her "half-full" t-shirt into her consultation with Dr Sheehan and was also wearing some wildly decorated "flip-flop" shoes Helen Ackley (from our congregation in North Lake) had made for her.

In the meantime, "celebrate life every day!"  A good motto for all of us -- whether we are fighing cancer or not!

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