Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summertime and the Living is Easy...

That tune has been playing in my head these last few weeks.  But as Sabine and I enjoy the summertime, we know that we have some blood tests and visit to Dr Sheehan coming up this month.

I don't know if Sabine thinks like I do (I mean I don't think she has ever read this blog -- I guess she doesn't have to because she knows me so well after 30 years of living with me!).  But, as I have shared with my caregiver support group at Gilda's House, I hear the clock.  I hear it ticking in the background.  After we get a clean "bill of health," and are walking out of Dr Sheehan's officer, I can barely hear it.  But as the time arrives for the blood work and visit to check on how we are doing controlling this cancer, the "tick-tocking" is a loud background noise.

I appreciate the time our health care providers have given us.  The stem-cell transplant seems to be a miracle in itself.  And our home dialysis is time-together and satisfies my hidden desire to be a medical practitioner (perhaps in another life?).

Nevertheless, life is good.  I am exceedingly thankful.  And, in the meantime, let's keep dancin'!

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