Thursday, March 11, 2010


What's that?  Pride goeth before a fall?  Perhaps... over-confidence?  But this morning (our final in-clinic visit and my supervised "buttonholing") went south.  It took multiple attempts to finally get into the fistula and Sabine was a real trouper as first I probed and then Xinliu!  And then tomorrow we have our "home visit" to get cleared for solo flight.  I'm a little anxious with all this but I think we can still do it.  They key I learned this morning was don't give up with the blunt buttonhole needles and go back to the sharp ones.  Keep on trying, be persistent and take a couple of breaks.

The image on the top is the fistula needle set and the other image is the "blunt" needle that is inserted through the "buttonhole" we have established over the past few weeks.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's report and pray for me!

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