Friday, March 12, 2010

Home Visit

Today, our nurses from the home dialysis program, Dawn and Lila, came out for a visit to see how I was doing with the "cannulations" (read: needle sticks). 

We got to the cottage early in order to reposition the machine, Sabine's armrest -- logisitics and supplies.  So we were ready to go when our nursing team arrived.

Let me first say that I thought this was going to be easy -- I mean, how can you miss a big vein?  Turns out, "often."

Well, it wasn't too bad.  I made the first connect (arterial) on my first stick.  But then the elusive upper part of the fistula (and narrower) became, again, challenging.  A couple of needles, some deep breaths, another attack, palpate the vein, and then EUREKA -- connection.

All went well during the treatment and now I am breathing easier!

Tomorrow I am on my own (but with Sabine's encouragement!).

Oh yes, another positive note: Sabine is scheduled to have the tunnel catheter removed at the end of this month (those plastic tubes she has had in her neck for two years) -- think swimming, canoeing!

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