Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gilda's Club -- Cancer Support for the Whole Family

This morning, Sabine and I joined Gilda's Club (it's free!) as a place where we can get support during our illness.  It is named after Saturday Night Live's Gilda Radner (Rose Rosanna Dana, and a host of other great characters.  (See  It's free and a get community asset.

After our new member session this morning, we went to our first event there -- Laughter Yoga!  After a somewhat sad time of listening to other new member's cancer stories, with many mutual tears shared, we went off for an hour of laughter led by the Madison Laughter Club (See

I think one of the benefits of joining others who are fighting cancer is the wonderful resource will all can be to one another in both our joys and sorrows.

Yep, I am a devotee.  Why?


1. Laughter is a strees buster.
2. Laughter strengthens the immune system.
3. Laughter is aerobic exercise (really!).
4. Laughter is anti-aging.
5. Laughter is internal jogging.
6. Laughter is a natural pain killer.
7. Laughter can control high blood pressure.
8. Laughter can help dump depression and anxiety.
9. Laughter alleviates bronchitis and asthma.
10. Laughter just makes you feel good.

And I would add an eleventh reason, a laughter group is the place where I can tell one of my corny jokes and everyone laughs!

THINK SPRING (even though we woke up this morning with three inches of the white stuff on the ground)!

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