Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well, it's been almost two weeks since we have seen Dr Sheehan and three weeks since we have seen Dr Longho. We need to complete about five tests before Sabine can be considered to be an acceptable candidate for a stem cell transplant (from her own stem cells).

In the meantime, her cancer numbers climb each week. So we are hoping and praying that the intervention she has is the stem cell transplant and not having to go through another cycle of chemotherapy.

Presently, we are waiting this week to hear back from Bridget, Dr Longho's scheduling coordinator. Seems like the system is very busy, and phone tag is going on. We hope and pray all this comes together. In the meantime, we wait and grouse about this cold, rainy, sunless weather that has descended upon southern Wisconsin.

Otherwise, Sabine is feeling well... exercising and enjoying a visit from her niece, Teak Nelson, and her two wonderful kids, Seger and Malea.