Monday, March 30, 2009

Not quite yet!

After a relatively mild week and a nice hour-long walk yesterday, the growth hormone (neupogen) in which I had been injecting Sabine all week long kicked in shortly after midnight. Tylenol was not handling the deep pain Sabine was experiencing in her back and hips as the bone marrow starting getting rejuvenated! Thanks to the Kwik Trip all-night gas station in Cross Plains, I was able to get some ibuprofen (which the nursing staff said was better for bone pain control) and it did the trick! Sabine got a good night's sleep, went to Madison for labs early this morning while I set up the blood laundry machine (dialyis).

We talked with Jan, our stem cell coordinator and, as we thought, this was a good, albeit painful, sign. Neupogen continues and possibly tomorrow or Wednesday for the "harvest."

One of the problems I have as Sabine's caregiver and loving her so deeply(and we have joked about this for years) is my "sympathetic responses" to her symptoms.

Hmmm, I wonder when the pain in my hips and back might start?

So, still praying and remaining calm...

It will get tougher but, we can do this, we can! And with God's help and your prayers, we will!