Friday, May 23, 2008

As the week ends -- from Sabine

A great deal has happened in our life since last January. I became sick shortly after Christmas suffering from sudden kidney failure which was diagnosed in January as having been caused by a blood cancer (presently without a cure) called multiple myeloma. I have been in chemotherapy treatment ever since.

(Sabine at St Peter's '06 Relay for Life)

It's hard to imagine, but David's hair is actually longer than mine these days. As shocking as my initial diagnosis was, I am slowly regaining strength and attempting to put it into constructive activity.
One such constructive activity is my planned participation in two local "Relay for Life" events sponsored by the American Cancer Society.
(Sabine with Mary and Diane at St Peter's '07 Relay)

The first is at the Wisconsin Heights High School (located between Mazomanie and Black Earth) on the evening of June 27th.

A second event was scheduled because some folks couldn't make the June 27th date. So the second event will be at Grundahl Park in Mt. Horeb on July 25th.

If you are free one of these evenings please come by the campsite to visit and walk a few laps with me. We will, of course, have some drinks and snacks on hand. But if you plan to sit or camp bring your own chair, blanket, or tent. I would love to see people as I begin to emerge from this long period of isolation.

Some of you have already heard about this on David's blog ( ) and I would like to again thank those of you who have sent in donations to my teams. If you would still like to make a donation toward cancer research (none is too small!), please send me a check made out to the American Cancer Society.

Your thoughts and prayers continue to lift me up. Most of the medical people around me are amazed at my attitude and mental strength given my circumstances -- but then they don't know that YOU are the "wind beneath my wings!"
I hope all is well with you and yours -- remember to love, laugh, stay healthy, and serve. As we well know, time flies!

Thanks for the love,


(Sabine at St John's "Sock-Hop" celebrating its sesquicentennial [150th] anniversary in 2003)

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